Interconnectedness: Our place within a connected planet

Art & Tech | Studium Generale | Theater de Veste
How are we all connected in this world?
ma 22 apr 20:30
ma 22 apr ’24
  • ma 22 apr ’24

The interdependence and interconnectedness of all forms of existence were the starting point of the recent For Love of the World Festival at Theater De Veste. At the final wrap-up, we found ourselves in a new paradigm and in need of new tools to foster a more inclusive, ethical, and innovative approach to understanding and experiencing the world.

Join us at the Art & Tech Café, where we will explore the agency and intelligence of non-human entities such as the objects, animals, and ecologies all around us, so that we may discover new perspectives and a more holistic understanding of the planet with empathy and respect for all beings.

Milah van Zuilen

Milah van Zuilen is a visual artist and a forest ecologist in training with an interest in the contradiction between the complexity of nature and the human urge to rationalise and neatly organise it for their own benefit.

Iohanna Nicenboim

Iohanna Nicenboim is a PhD candidate at TU Delft and a design researcher from the global south with a focus on more-than-human design practices in the context of AI. She developed and co-produced the Noticing Entanglements Podcast.

Bernice Bovenkerk

Bernice Bovenkerk is associate professor at the Social Sciences Group, sub department of Communication, Philosophy and Technology of Wageningen University. She has recently been granted a VIDI grant from the Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research on a project titled ‘Anthropocene Ethics: taking animal agency seriously’.

The event is moderated by Desiree Hoving.

Art & Tech Café

In the Art & Tech Café we invite artists who work on the intersection of art and technology to explore pressing social issues by means of their art. Like technology, art can provide us with a fresh pair of eyes through which we can experience reality in new and unexpected ways. And discover things we may not have known before. Join us to explore new paradigms and perspectives!

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