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Theater de Veste is very pleased to present you with a wide range of performances and events which are suitable for non-Dutch speakers. In this overview you will find a selection from the 2013/2014 program especially recommended for internationals; it includes modern and classical concerts, dance and comedy, all of which will take place in Theater de Veste and at special locations in Delft.

Pop-up restaurant @ Theater de Veste
From the 30th January until the 22nd of February and from march 6th until May 3rd, young chefs will pop-up their restaurant in Theater de Veste’s theatre café. Do you want to find out more about these special theatrical dinners? Check this website for (links to) more information and follow us on facebook and twitter.


Tue 14 Jan. 2014 – Conny Janssen Danst & Alamo Race Track ‘HOW LONG IS NOW’ (dance)
Conny Janssen is one of Holland’s well known choreographers. This piece, accompanied by the Alamo Race Track band, is about how time slips away. We see a man, lost in a space where nothing is left. Slowly he surrounds himself with others: who dance, love, say goodbye, have fun, look for intimacy.

Sun 19 Jan. 2014 – [RU] Pavel Kolesnikov (chamber music)
Rising star, Pavel, began playing piano at the age of six. During his training he won multiple prizes, after which he was officially declared ‘Young Russian Talent’. In 2012 he won the Honens International Piano Competition, thereby becoming “a pianist of the 21st century for a 21st century audience”. Rameau, Debussy, Chopin.

Fri 24 Jan. 2014 – Circle Percussion ‘BIG MEN DRUMS’ (musical & show)
They have and play every type of drum you can think of. Drumming their way through more subtle pieces and more loud, powerful pieces, with a little humour.

Sat 25 Jan. 2014 – [UK] Blues Brothers ‘Approved’ (musical & show)
You’ll recognize them by the pigskin hat, matching black suit, slim black tie and black sunglasses: the Blues Brother are back in the Netherlands! Fresh new dance moves and accompanied by The Bluettes and the Blues Brother Band.

Thu 30 Jan. 2014 – ISH ‘DJ Moz-ART’ (dance)
ISH’s last piece ‘MonteverdISH’ was an absolute success. This year he gives us another collaboration between VOCAALLAB and ISH. This time a cellist flirts with a ballerina, a beat boxer orders a drink for a singer, a popper serenades a pianist. All the while the DJ enjoys these happenings, for which he set the mood with some familiar melodies. Extra: afterward there’s a meet & greet with choreographer Marco Gerris (also known from So You Think You Can Dance).


Sun 2 Feb. 2014 – Heather Nova ‘An acoustic Evening with Heather Nova’ (concert)
Heather brings us a compilation of her work from different albums, such as ‘Oyster’, ‘Siren’ and her latest album ‘300 Days At Sea’. Her latest work has taken her back to her childhood, using the memories from when she sailed the seas with her parents.

Fri 7 Feb. 2014 – Delft Moves Festival ‘House of Styles’ (dance)
House of Styles kicks off the Delft Moves Festival. The entire theatre will be transformed into the Hip Hop capitol. A night full of battles, workshops, showcase, (international) guest performances. DJ Combat will spin, Robin from Top 9 crew will give Top Rock and musicality master classes and performances, and many others will showcase their talent. Mixing breakdance, Hip Hop New Style, house , locking and popping completed with some turntablism and graffiti.

Sat 8 Feb. 2014 – Urban Dance Spectacle ‘LOUD!’ (dance)
Choreographed by Lloyd Marengo, Vincent Vianen and Ed Wubbe, eight of the best dancers of Holland will knock your socks off! LOUD! Is a mix of different styles of dance, animations that respond to the dancers’ actual moves (in real time) in a spectacular set!

Sun 9 Feb. 2014 – Don’t Hit Mama ‘Father Father’ (dance)
The leading question of this choreography was: “What role does a father play in ones’ life?”. Choreographer Lloyd Marengo translates the explosive power of the Bboy style into a controlled and vulnerable personal message.

Fri 14 Feb. 2014 – Ruben Hein ‘Hopscotch (Ruben Hein theatre tour)’ (concert)
This singer and pianist, Ruben, never plays safe, changing from raw dirtiness into sweet charm in a mix of jazz, pop and funky Afropop.

Sun 16 Feb. 2014 – Ruysdael Quartet & Nino Gvetadze (chamber music)
Nino is a strong, sensitive, intense pianist, as well as a soloist as in an ensemble. The Ruysdael Quartet had won many prizes and has produced four cds. Together they will perform one of chamber music’s crown jewels: the piano quintet of Brahms’ opus 34.


Fri 14 Mar. 2014 – [FR] Compagnie Un Loup Pour L'homme ‘Appris par Corps’ (musical & show)
A poetic, humoristic and spectacular performance of the sure strength and power of their living bodies, in the masculine and sensual exaltation of some sort of fighting spirit. They jump, fall, fight, fly, run and run some more, always moving forward.. The acrobatics are a metaphor for their trust, contact and letting go.

Sat 15 Mar. 2014 – Slagerij van Kampen ‘Sticks 'n Drums 'n Let it Roll!’ (musical & show)
Let yourself get drummed away by this world class sensation! Drumming in its essence. Pure and intense, energetic and yet intimate.

Sun 16 Mar. 2014 – EnAccord strijkkwartet (chamber music)
This is one of Holland’s most praised young string quartets: for their intimacy, warm timbre, expressive style and dynamic capabilities. Their program combines well known string quartet repertoire and lesser know masterpieces. Today: Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s string quartet opus 81, Beethoven’s opus 19 nr1 and Prokofjev’s nr. 2.

Thu 20 Mar. 2014 – [USA] Greg Shapiro ‘superburger’ (cabaret)
As an American, having lived in Holland for tha past 20 years, he was able to observe the wicked ways of the Dutch. In ‘Superburger’ he confronts us with our habits and traditions and sets out to become the ideal inhabitant of this country. [English spoken]

Sat 22 Mar. 2014 – Crazy Piano’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (musical & show)
Two bright red concert pianos, a couple of crazy talented pianists, a drummer and a saxophonist are the recipe for a wild night! Top hits form all times, the seventies ‘till now, sing, swing, laugh and cry with this musical show for all ages.
Extra: afterward the party continues in the theatre café.


Thu 3 Apr. 2014 – [UK] The Bootleg Sixties ‘The Overtures’ (concert)
They’ve played at the private parties of Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello and Sir Elton John; who says it best: “This band is amazing! They’re just the best band of their kind in the world.” Straight from the heart this band takes you on a musical and visual journey, bringing homage to the musical icons of the sixties.

Fri 4 Apr. 2014 – [UK] Theatre Ad Infinitum ‘Translunar Paradise’ (musical & show)
This is the kind of performance that takes your breath away. A beautiful romantic story about life, death and eternal love. No words are used to portray powerful imagery in a hypnotic rhythm with live music. A ‘must see’!

Wed 9 Apr. 2014 – ICK Amsterdam ‘The Dog Days are over’ (dance)
Adored by dance-loving Holland: Jan Martens, a young successful up and coming choreographer. His work’s signature is a balance and symbiosis between narrative dance and conceptualism. He rediscovers existing idioms and places them in a different context. He uses the beauty of incompletion. This new show; a feverish dream, pure exhaustion, in which the dancers are used as vain, persevering, executive creatures striving for perfection. It shows great tensions and power while putting all the pieces in its places.

Sat 12 Apr. 2014 – [DK] Neander ‘Blam! – ‘Die Hard’ meets ‘The Office’’ (musical & show)
Inspired by the many action movies they’ve watched, four civil service desk jockeys parkour and daredevil their way through one boring day after another. This performance is a mix of physical theatre, circus, daredevilry and parkour, using any obstacle in their way for further trickery. Don’t try this at home!

Sun 13 Apr. 2014 – Calefax (chamber music)
“Calefax - five extremely gifted Dutch gents who almost made the reed quintet seem the best musical format on the planet” (The Times) performing on the clarinet, oboe, saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon: Vivaldi, Mozart, Debussy and Gershwin.

Sat 19 Apr. 2014 – [PT] Cristina Branco ‘Alegria’ (concert)
With influences from jazz and world music, Cristina Branco enriches the fado. Where usually fado entails melancholy, sadness and fate, Branco shows us an association with happiness. In this concert, she brings us twelve anonymous stories: genuine, raw and sensitive portraits reflecting each and every one of us.


Sat 10 May 2014 – Scapino Ballet Rotterdam ‘The Great Bean’ (dance)
Artistic director Ed Wubbe and house choreographers Fang-Yu Shen and Felix Landerer give you three different sensations in one night’s performance. This piece is inspired by circus, magic, illusions, the rrrroaring twenties and great escapes like Houdini’s. The press loves the piece: “it’s a stong yet subtle piece in whish tragedy and comedy are finely intertwined.” and “Wubbe combines glitter and glamour with betrayal and tragedy. A perfect parade of rhythmic show ballet and tempting solo work.”


Fri 6 & Sat 7 Jun. 2014 – [CA] 7 Fingers ‘Sequence 8’ (musical & show)
7 Fingers practices in ‘nouveau cirque’: a mix of theatre, modern dance, acrobatics, clowning, slapstick and poetry. The themes in ‘Sequence 8’ are the human relationships, camaraderie, competition, rivalry and having fun.



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